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What to expect when you are my foot slave. 1~ Every morning when you wake up and every night before bed, you will worship my feet no matter how tired you are. 2~ You must kiss my feet every time you enter and exit your vehicle. 3~ You must always greet me and say goodbye with a kiss on each foot.

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Foot slave is a person who his submitted his life under the dominating feet and gorgeous shoes heels of his owner lady as most obedient and submissive.He is belong to the beautiful feet and shoes ...

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Message #5: Basically, I had a boyfriend who had a foot fetish much like yourself, I was reluctant at first but eventually obliged and allowed him to worship my feet. I absolutely loved it… every second of it, he quickly went from boyfriend to being my foot slave as I discovered that I ADORED having a foot slave rather than a boyfriend.

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IMG_20200212_110542 by Sexy Lena. 51 8. Mrs Davies feet by Foot slave to Miss Welsh and friends. 2 2. Tash has now got her friends sending me random pictures of her feet. IMG_4993 by Sexy Lena. 42 8. 2021-05-30_10-57-04 by Foot slave to Miss Welsh and friends. 7 4.

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Sakura Foot Domination 2. GigaBaka. 9 Comments. 1.2K Favourites. Foot bullying. Footsniffer566. 6 Comments. 864 Favourites. Join the world's largest art community and ...

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Princess Marjorie Bourgeois & her feet slave 🐕 on his kneel

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Joe crawled out and wrapped his hand in tissues. Louise added, 'don't forget you're my foot slave now, I've got pictures of you kissing my boots and licking them clean so if you don't obey I'll let all the office see them!' Hear what happens to Joe and his life as a foot slave in future episodes. Back to stories page

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When he was done, I told him that from now on, he was going to be my foot-slave which meant that he would come over to my house everyday to worship my feet. And sure enough, everyday after school, while I was doing homework, he was under the table licking and kissing my feet and every other day, he was painting my toe-nails.

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NF - My servitude as a foot slave in a BDSM dungeon. by FootTimes » Jun 10, 2019. 1; 2; 3; 59 Replies 24.4K Views Last post by FootTimes 5:40 PM - 11 days ago 2019 ...


2. CUT HIM OFF. Sex is the best training tool you’ve got, and denying it to your man is the quickest way to turn him into your slave. For some guys, you’ll have to wait a few days for others, a month or two – but sooner or later, he’ll drop to his knees and promise you ANYTHING if you just agree to hive him some lovin’. 3.